Healthy Baking That Actually Tastes Good – Low Fat Sugar Cookies

10 Dec

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I baked sugar cookies today, which is a once-a-year extravaganza for me. For some people baking is second nature, for me it’s something I have to mentally prepare for weeks in advance. First, I always practice healthy baking, so I have to find the perfect low-fat recipe. The general consensus is typically that my low-fat sugar cookies taste like dog food, but whatever, more for me. Second, I have to go through the cabinets and see what baking supplies have expired, molded, or smell bad from last year. Finally, I have to choose some weirdo theme that will make my weight control sugar cookies stand out, since their taste doesn’t usually earn them any bonus points.

Nothing says Christmas like a green unicorn.

When baking anything, I love to simply eliminate any ingredients and steps that I find to be too expensive, too fattening, or that I don’t understand. Yet another reason I only unleash my healthy baking powers to the world once a year – no one appreciates my culinary “creativity.” This year I decided to make a change for the better. I went out of my way to search for a recipe from a legit source, and found one for whole wheat sugar cookies from Better Homes and Gardens. I used an icing recipe from Gina’s Skinny Recipes, to make my own homemade red and green icing.

The results of my healthy baking spree.

For once, my healthy baking efforts paid off and my cookies are actually good! Personally I always find my own weight control cookies to be good though, so I knew not to trust my own opinion. I gave my boyfriend one to taste test and he actually liked it! Actually, he liked it so much that he volunteered himself to help me ice the cookies, and promptly picked up a pattern of “one for me, one for the cookie container,” and so on. I haven’t experienced such a baking victory since I discovered that butter and sugar are bad for you, when I was a young fat child.

There's no denying it, that's a fine looking gold glitter poodle.


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