Practice Portion Control to Keep Yourself from Binge Eating

16 Dec

“Bet you can’t eat just one,” – Frito Lays Corporation.

You know it, I know it, and the Frito Lays Corporation was so sure of it that they molded their company’s catch phrase around it —it’s basically impossible keep portion control in check when you’re sitting in front of a bag of any type of snack that you like. Or sometimes a snack that you don’t even really like… Oink oink baby!

Every food product known to man has specific serving sizes intended to serve as guidelines to keep us from overeating. But are you really thinking about portion sizes when you’re hogging down a bag of Doritos? No, of course not.

You can eat most anything you desire when doing so in moderation. Portion control separates the health savvy from the fatty. For example, if you love chocolate chip cookies, it’s perfectly acceptable (and even encouraged) for you to eat one. This little 150-250 calorie delight alone will not make you gain weight, but eating a half-dozen of them will! Even the portion sizes of healthy snacks such as baked chips, pretzels, and rice cake chips need to be kept under control, because a low-fat snack quickly becomes unhealthy after binge eating the entire package.

How to Practice Portion Control to Keep Yourself From Overeating:

1)      Separate multi-serving snacks into serving sizes as soon a you bring them home from the store.

2)      Look for the suggested serving size on the package to determine the amount of a single portion.

3)      Using ziplock bags, place one serving size into each bag.

4)      Reach for one bag the next time you get hungry, instead of taking the entire package captive. This will help you to practice portion control and be more aware of exactly how much you’re eating.

Eating an entire bag of tortilla chips will make you look like a bloated burrito, but 10 at a time will satisfy your cravings & keep you healthy.


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