Let Make Ahead Meals Save You From the Take Out Food Trap

18 Dec

Healthy eating during the work week is always an option when you have make ahead meals stowed away in your freezer.

I stay pretty busy during the work week. I usually come home from work and leave right away again to go to the gym, or to run errands.  Yes, I know this is riveting, I’m super interesting… Anyways, while no one is going to write a made-for-tv movie on my exciting lifestyle anytime soon, my evening activities do keep me from having the time to slave away in the kitchen to make dinner each night. By the time I get home from doing whatever it is that I’m doing, it’s typically between 8-8:30pm, and who wants to start making an elaborate dinner then?

Many people either do not like to cook, or simply do not have the time, so they fall into the easy trap of take out food. Eating lots of take out food will make you either fat, broke, or both. This is why I take the time on Saturday or Sunday afternoon to make freezer meals for the week. Make ahead meals are great, because the only “cooking” you have to do during the work week is microwaving up your healthy pre-made dinner. This gives you no excuse to feast on take out food every night, because why bother why you have healthy freezer meals with your name on them?

Tips for Preparing Make Ahead Meals:

  • Recipe size. Remember that you need to make enough freezer meals to keep you fed for four to five nights. You may need to double the recipe, as some will only make enough for two nights.
  • Proper Storage. Before you whip up a batch of make ahead meals, make sure you have enough storage containers on hand to keep them in. Your food won’t stay fresh if you decide to freeze it in a mixing bowl covered in plastic wrap.
  • Add-Ons. Complete your freezer meals by adding a salad or some steamed veggies as a nice healthy side dish.


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