My Healthy Christmas Eve Dinner Menu

24 Dec

Christmas Eve dinner at our house!

My boyfriend and I are having my parents over for Christmas Eve dinner tonight. I’m pretty sure everyone’s a little leery about what kind of weirdo healthy dinner recipes I’m planning to whip up, but I think I’ve found some winners this time. Traditional Christmas dinner menus with turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce (or maybe that’s Thanksgiving, whatever…) don’t interest me. I wanted to find winter recipes that were non-traditional, fun, and of course healthy. The average boring, predictable American fat fest does not happen in my house!

By now you’ve probably already come up with your Christmas dinner menus, but take a look at the recipes below that we’re serving for Christmas Eve dinner tonight at our house. If you’re looking for healthy dinner ideas for an after Christmas family gathering, New Years, or really just any old winter day that you’re feeling inspired to whip up a bunch of  low-fat goodness.


Healthy bruschetta, yum!

Main Course:

  • Garden Salad: (I have faith that you can handle this without a recipe. Remember you’re basically eating a tub of Crisco if you fail to use low-fat or fat-free dressing.)
  • Meat: No one trusts me to make all important holiday meat, therefore my boyfriend is handling this sacred task. Whatever.

    My boyfriend gets the credit for this one.

Mmm spinach!


  • Low-fat sugar cookies

    Low-fat poodle & unicorn sugar cookies are a festive end to a Christmas Eve dinner. Right?

  • Nana’s lemon bread: My parents were horrified when they got wind that I was planning to healthify my grandmother’s a-m-a-z-i-n-g lemon bread recipe. Although it’s simply the best, it’s also a hearty fat bomb, so I thought I’d swap a few ingredients and just leave a few out. Shockingly, this resulted in an epic fail. So now I’m serving it in its full fat glory. Sometimes you’ve just gotta surrender and give the people what they want.

For more traditional, yet healthy, recipes for Christmas dinner, check out A Hearty Healthy Christmas Dinner.”


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