Combating the Christmas Food Hangover

26 Dec

Stop feeling guilty for eating your way through Christmas and get your arse to the gym!

If you’re nursing a food hangover today, because you ate too much Christmas food yesterday, you’re not alone. I feel your pain. I don’t care how disciplined you are, I strongly believe that it is impossible to eat healthy on Christmas. If you glued yourself to the veggie tray at your family gathering yesterday and managed to steer clear of the fatty Christmas food, I commend you. On the other hand, I gave in to my inner fat child and ate too much. So much that I’m currently pregnant with a food baby. Actually, it might be twins. But whatever, it happens to everyone. Right?

Resume Your Workout Schedule

Instead of lying around feeling guilty for being a fatty and eating too much unhealthy food yesterday, it’s important to mount that healthy horse and drag yourself to the gym. Of course you don’t want to, or who knows, maybe you do, but either way you must get yourself back in motion today. You’re probably feeling sluggish from your fat fiesta yesterday – at least I know I sure am. Getting back into your workout schedule will zap that energy right back into you. Knowing you just spent an hour working off all of that unhealthy food that you ate yesterday will also inspire you not to dive headfirst into the fattening leftovers in your refrigerator. I started my day with a trip to the gym and I’m so glad I did! Trust me, you’ll never regret the decision to make yourself go to the gym for good workout.

Banish the Unhealthy Food From Your Kitchen

Whether or not you hosted any Christmas festivities at your house this weekend, your refrigerator is probably stocked with unhealthy food leftover from the holiday. Christmas food is great, but should be reserved for one or two isolated days. You can’t do too much damage to your waistline in the span of a couple of days, but if you let the fat party rage on, you’re going to start resembling Santa Claus. Face it, Christmas food is so good because you only have it once a year or so. Consider getting rid of unhealthy leftovers as a way to keep that loving feeling with your favorite once-a-year fat bombs. You won’t love that nut bread so much next year if you associate it with not being able to fit into your pants by New Year’s Eve.

Need more inspiration? Check out this post from a blogger who had the willpower to run a 14k on Christmas day!


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