Bribe Yourself to Exercise with These Cute Workout Clothes & Accessories

30 Dec

Although exercise is a necessary part of healthy living, it isn’t always easy to find the motivation to work out. Give yourself a fresh dose of workout inspiration by updating your exercise wardrobe. Never underestimate the power of cute clothes and accessories.

Check Out These Cute Workout Clothes:

1.) Champion Workout Tank: Use this cute tank top as your motivation to workout! It comes a variety of different colors, so you can buy one for each day of the week.

2.) Nike Running Shorts: If you want durable workout clothes, these Nike shorts are a really great choice! I’ve had two pairs of pretty much this exact pair of Nike shorts for four years, and they still look brand new. And they get a lot of use.

3.) Champion Workout Pants: Love these workout pants! The stripe around the hip will slim you down and it looks totally cute. Buy these pants and use them as your inspiration to workout.

4.) Under Armour Gym Tote: You have to have something to carry your workout clothes to and from the gym, so why not do it in style? This Under Armour tote is cute and womanly, yet also perfectly functional.

5.) YogaColors Pullover: There’s a girl in my yoga class that wears sweatpants with a bleached out arse and a t-shirt donning a lizard to every class. Don’t be that girl. You need cute clothes for yoga class. This YogaColors pullover has a super adorable off-the-shoulders style, and it’s long enough to cover your back during down dog.

6.) Bella Cropped Yoga Pants: Even though yoga can make you work up a sweat, it’s not acceptable to wear shorts to class, as some of the positions will cause you to give your fellow yogi’s quite a show. These adorable Bella cropped yoga pants provide the perfect balance between heat control and coverage.

7.) North Face Fleece Jacket: When it’s cold outside, you need something to put over your workout clothes when heading in and out of the gym. Unless you’re going for the homeless look, you don’t want to pair sweatpants and a pea coat together. I have two North Face fleece jackets for wearing to the gym and I love them!

8.) Nike Women’s LunarEclipse+ Running Shoes: Running shoes can be both functional and cute, and these Nike LunarEclipse+ running shoes are just that! Make these stylish running shoes your motivation to work out.

9.) Sansa Clip: Cute clothes aren’t the only thing you need for a trip to the gym, it’s also important to bring along some music for workout inspiration. I’ve had a Sansa Clip for years now. It’s tiny size makes it great for working out, plus you can clip it right to your workout clothes. Who needs an iPod, when you can get this great quality product for so much cheaper?!

10.) New Kids on the Block Hangin’ Tough Album: With hits such as “The Right Stuff,” “Cover Girl,” “My Favorite Girl,” “What’Cha Gonna Do (About It),” and of course “Hangin’ Tough,” you’ll find all your motivation to workout right on this cd!


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