Steer Clear of Pittsburgh Auto Repair Shop – Graceland Auto

11 Jan

Today we’re going to take a quick break from posts about eating healthy and working out for a little public service announcement. For those of you who don’t live in Pittsburgh, you probably won’t be interested in this, but for those of you who do, read up.

I want to share my simply horrid experience at Pittsburgh auto body shop, Graceland Auto, with you so you won’t have to experience the simply disgraceful customer service that I did. My car was towed into Graceland Auto last month, after my insurance company, Geico, recommended it as one of the good car repair shops in the area. I quickly realized that either all Pittsburgh auto repair shops are terrible, or Geico has pretty low standards. Not only did I receive terrible customer service at Graceland Auto, they also did not properly fix my car, sending me onto a wild goose chase for an entire month until it was finally fixed.

Here’s a quick summary of my experience with Graceland Auto:

  • I called the receptionist to ask for an estimate of when my car would be ready for pick up and was told they would call my insurance adjuster, he would then call me and I should call him with any questions. In other words, don’t call us, we’ll call you.
  • My car was finished just before 5pm on a Friday, the receptionist basically pushed me out of the lobby, turning the lights off and locking the door before I barely even crossed through the doorway.
  • The employees didn’t show me any of the work that had been done on my car, or even give me a chance to look at it. My car was driven to the parking lot from the garage and the employee driving it immediately ran back into the garage.
  • By the time I got home, I noticed a loud squeaking noise coming from my car and that it was completely mute. In other words the horn, the panic button and the lock button weren’t making any noise, as they are supposed to.
  • I had to take a day off to go back to Graceland Auto to have them fix the horn and the squeaking noise. They fixed the horn and gave the reasoning that sometimes the horn wires comes out of the socket. I’m no mechanic, but even I can tell a good car lie when I hear one.
  • As for the squeak, they told me they’d have to test drive it and I’d have to come back another day. After taking a day off work and having my insurance adjuster make an appointment for me to get their careless mistakes fixed, I was understandably not having this. We went a few rounds of ‘the squeak wasn’t there before the accident,’ and the workers running back to the garage to look at it, I was finally told it might be a suspension problem, which they said is something that only my car dealership could fix.
  • After the car dealership didn’t want to get involved in my existing insurance claim, my insurance adjuster had me call the owner of Graceland Auto to discuss the squeak that his employees refused to fix. The receptionist wouldn’t just let me leave a message, she asked me 20 questions, gave me an attitude, then maybe gave the owner my message, maybe didn’t, but he never returned my call.
  • Eventually my insurance adjuster sent me to a fabulous car dealership who took my squeaky car in, test drove it for five minutes and determined the squeak was not a suspension problem as Graceland Auto had suspected, but in fact simply a loose coolant bottle. So after a month of trying to get Graceland Auto to fix this mystery squeak, the other repair shop diagnosed and repaired it in under an hour.
  • The fabulous car dealership also found that Graceland Auto failed to secure one of my headlights properly and it was pointed up to the sky. Way to go Graceland.

Moral of the story, if you need a Pittsburgh auto repair shop, steer clear of Graceland Auto. Not only are they rude, but they also don’t do very good work. I feel so strongly about this that I’m switching insurance companies from Geico, because if they feel this is good service, I don’t want to be their customer.


One Response to “Steer Clear of Pittsburgh Auto Repair Shop – Graceland Auto”

  1. M. Phyllis Jerpi January 12, 2012 at 5:11 pm #

    Great article! My husband and I have Geico, and are getting quotes to switch. We witnessed this rude behavior at the Graceland shop. It was unacceptable both from Geico and Graceland.

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