Reader Inspiration: The Jerp Holds Reader Accountable to Get in Shape

18 Jan

So you’ve decided you want to lose a few pounds, but aren’t quite sure how to get started. Don’t worry, sometimes all it takes is a few healthy weight loss tips to guide you in the right direction.

Check out the email below that I received from a reader asking for a little help to learn how to eat healthy and lose a little bit of weight. If this reader’s story sounds familiar, keep checking back to follow their progress and read my healthy weight loss words of wisdom.

Dear Laura,

I love your blog!!!

But I also love junk food a whole lot.

That’s why I’m writing to you – I got fat(ish) and I need your advice!

What I’ve realized is that I need help losing weight.  Sure, I know HOW to do it (healthy diet and exercise – duh) but without being held accountable I just keep putting off changing my habits until “tomorrow.”

So, I figured what better way to be held accountable than a broadcast to the interwebs!?  Specifically – a broadcast to The Jerp!!  I’d like to use your awesome weightloss and motivation tips to help me slim down for the summer.

In the past two years I’ve gained 15 pounds and I really just want to take them right back off.  Can you help me?  Keep me accountable and continue to give awesome advice on motivation?  Anything!



Dear Fatty(ish),

Thanks for reading The Jerp! Of course I would be honored to help you lose a few pounds! You’ll be back to looking your finest well before swim suit season (at least swim suit season in Pittsburgh, since that’s not until like August). You’ve actually already done the hardest part – making the decision to lose weight! You’re going to motivate everyone else to spend the winter getting super healthy, instead of using the cold weather as an excuse to put on an extra layer of err “warmth.” To keep you inspired (and show everyone else what an awesome job you’re doing) we’ll track your progress on The Jerp, and share your plan-of-action with everyone else.

Now, in order to figure out what the best plan of action for you is, tell me a little more about yourself: 

1. Do you have an idea of what you’re doing wrong already or do you need a bit of help?

2. You mentioned that you love junk food. Would you say this is the main problem, or just a contributing factor? 

3. Do you eat out a lot?

4. Do you exercise? If not, are you willing to work a bit of moderate exercise into your week?

Looking forward to hearing back from you!




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