Motivation to Workout: Earn Money for Using Your Gym Membership

24 Jan

Do you have a gym membership, but the only thing getting a workout from it is your bank account when it’s charged each month? If your gym membership is collecting dust because you don’t have the motivation to workout, you’re in luck. A new app called Gym Pact allows you to pledge money on the amount of times that you’ll workout each week.

Earn Money for Using Your Gym Membership

At the beginning of each week, decide how many times you plan to exercise your gym membership. Then pledge how much you’re willing to pay for each day that you don’t fulfill your promise to yourself. If you fufill your workout goals you can earn money from the couch potatoes who don’t, and of course if you’re the one slacking off, then you have to pay those people who literally ran circles around you. What could serve as a better motivation to workout than the chance to actually earn money not to be fat?!

No Cheating Allowed

If you’re thinking you can simply enter your completed workouts in from your couch, you will find yourself both fat and poor. You must check in on your iPhone from your gym or other verified fitness establishment in order for your workout to qualify. That’s right, currently you can only use Gym Pact if you have an iPhone, but they’re working on an Android app. Hopefully this new app will be available soon, because I have a Droid and I cannot wait to try it out!

In the meantime, check out this post from a blogger who uses Gym Pact, and considers it a great motivation to workout and an easy way to earn money!


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