Quick Fixes to Making Eating Healthy at Restaurants Easy

30 Jan

If you’re working on eating healthy, you know that restaurant food can be a diet disaster. Even those with the best intentions of ordering a healthy dinner can get bamboozled into a fat fest without even realizing it. It can be really discouraging to have the best intentions of eating a healthy dinner, only to be presented with a restaurant menu fit for a fatty. Thankfully there are many ways to spot fatty restaurant food in advance and transform it into something your bathroom scale would be proud of.

 Follow these little tips and tricks to keep you eating healthy at even the biggest fat farm of a restaurant:

  • Don’t Get Saucey: Look at the ingredients in a dish carefully before ordering it.  Anything that includes mayonnaise, a “special sauce,” or any other type of oily or cream-based topping is a bad idea. There are 90 calories and 10 grams of fat in one tablespoon of mayonnaise. Do you really think restaurants are just using one tablespoon of this fatty goop on your order? I think not.

Solution: Order your dish without the sauce. This simple little move can turn your fat-tastic food into a healthy dinner.

  • Be a Plain Jane: A salad is not always a low-calorie delight. When you order lettuce covered in salad dressing, it can be such a fattening disaster that you might actually be better off eating a cheeseburger. One little tablespoon of ranch salad dressing has 73 calories and nearly 8 grams of fat, Caesar has 78 calories and 8.5 grams of fat, and Italian is the least offensive at 43 calories and just over 4 grams of fat. Think of how many tablespoons are dumped over your salad at a restaurant! I’d say it’s safe to assume it’s at least 5-10 servings. Eww, that is certainly not eating healthy!

Solution: Order the salad dressing on the side, then dip your fork into it. You won’t use as much. Also order low-fat or fat-free when available, and avoid anything creamy. Creamy = giant fat bomb.

  • Order Naked: Sometimes getting rid of the bread on a sandwich can really trim the fat. You’re typically safe with whole wheat and whole grain breads, but other varieties such as foccacia, ciabatta, white anything, cheese bread, and Italian bread can really pack on the calories.

Solution: Order your sandwich naked, a.k.a. without the bun. It will keep your arse from getting all doughy.

  • No Cheese Please: Cheese is good, we all love it, but obviously something that tastes so wonderful is going to be horrid for your arse. Of course you can have cheese in moderation, but everyone knows that restaurant food doesn’t exactly get a gold star for portion control. If you don’t believe me that cheese is a fat bomb, click here to see the nutrition stats for every type of cheese known to man.

Solution: Practice eating healthy by making your restaurant food order without cheese. Or if you’d prefer, you can even simply pick the majority of it off your entree when it comes to your table. Do this before you start eating, as once you start cheesing, you might not be able to stop. 


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