Why Do Wedding Email Marketing Campaigns Attack Single Ladies?

1 Feb

I had no idea I was planning a wedding?

As a 27-year-old woman who is not married and not engaged, I am often treated like a science experiment by family, friends, and even random strangers who stop to gawk at my naked ring finger. They wonder when I’m getting engaged, when my wedding will be, and what exactly is wrong with me that I haven’t been able to secure a marriage proposal yet. While I sincerely want to slap anyone who asks me these super fun and exciting questions, I have grown somewhat used to getting grilled about this imaginary wedding.

I thought I’d experienced it all until I checked my email yesterday and found this little gem of a message waiting for me. I don’t know what genius signed me up as a newly engaged woman, but I sincerely appreciate the reminder that I am indeed not engaged. Thank you SHEfinds for adding my email inbox to the list of places that I must avoid (also including family reunions, wedding showers, high school reunions, other people’s weddings, and anywhere attracting groups of two or more middle-aged women),  in order to not feel like there’s something wrong with me because I’m not currently planning a wedding.

I gave this “congratulatory” email the benefit of the doubt as being simply a weirdo fluke, until I shared it with another no-ringed lady friend of mine. Apparently she has also received a number of these joyous messages, making her suspect that email marketing campaigns are targeting us because of our age. This certainly might be the case, but if so, aren’t they zeroing in on the wrong audience? We all know that a lady doesn’t buy her own engagement ring. I mean really, duh all you email marketing campaign managers. If you’re going to send out reminders about getting engaged, at least send them to the correct audience, a.k.a. the men.


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