Just Say No to the Computer at Lunchtime

3 Feb

Sitting on your arse in cubeland for eight hours a day is harder than it might sound. I’m not very important, so my calendar isn’t exactly jam-packed with meetings, allowing me the opportunity for frequent changes in scenery.

You’d think I’d take lunchtime as my chance to bust out of my cubicle and run laps around the city, but I don’t. Living in Pittsburgh makes venturing outdoors difficult, as we have roughly 10 warm, sunny days per year. Therefore I typically spend lunchtime sitting on my arse, in my cubicle, staring at my computer screen. Shockingly, this gets old pretty fast.

I’ve recently decided that I need to stop spending my midday free time staring at my computer screen, so I’ve spent the past four days weaning myself away from it. I wish I had enough free time at lunch to go to the gym, but as a relatively high-maintenanced woman, that’s just not happening. I’d either have time to workout or to primp from working out, sooo… Therefore most of my newfound lunchtime activities are by no means exciting, interesting or enviable, but they are definitely better than basking in the florescent glow of my computer.

Here’s how I’ve been spending my free time during lunch this week at work:

Monday: It was dark and cold outside and I forgot to bring a book. Therefore I spent lunchtime cruising the Internet. Epic fail.

Tuesday:  We had an unseasonably warm January day here in Pittsburgh, so I took my latest library book to my favorite downtown spot, the William Penn Hotel, and read in the lobby.

I suppose the William Penn is a bit classier than my cubicle.

Wednesday: I didn’t feel like trekking out into the Pittsburgh cloudiness, so I logged of my computer and spent my free time reading a book.

Thursday: My dad works in the building right next door to mine, so we have lunch dates often. Today was one of them.

Friday: It’s cold, dark and gray out. Wild horses can’t drag me outside at lunchtime today, unless there’s a six pack of Donnie Wahlberg’s abs waiting for me in the lobby. I’m not counting my lucky chickens on that one, so you can find me reading the City Paper at my desk, but I vow to at least logoff my computer.


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