It’s Okay to Take a Break From Eating Healthy. Sometimes.

10 Feb

If you love donuts, it's okay to indulge your inner fatty. Just do it responsibly, no binge eating.

I love eating healthy. In fact, I’m quite good at it. On weekdays I don’t think twice about bringing a low-calorie lunch to work, eating healthy at dinnertime, and I’ve finally even learned to keep most of my beloved packaged snack foods out of the house. Yep, Monday though Friday at 5pm I am a champion at eating healthy.

As a result, I’ve learned to surrender to the fact that I’m going to cheat on my glorious little anal retentive healthy diet plan on the weekends. And I’m not going to feel guilty about it. Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not binge eating Twinkies from sun down on Friday until Monday morning, but if a fat bomb of a dinner is calling my name on a Saturday night, I just might answer.

There's nothing healthy about this pancake, and sometimes that's okay.

I firmly believe that they key to eating healthy most of the time is letting yourself go hog wild sometimes. If you feel like your healthy diet is depriving you of all fabulous foods in life, eventually you’re going to end up binge eating a pizza, multiple donuts, or whatever it is that strikes your fancy. Afterwards, you’ll feel guilty about this fat fest, deprive yourself of anything that tastes good for awhile, then eventually hold another binge eating fat fest party with yourself. Clearly not the best cycle to get into.

Occasionally cheating on your healthy diet will not make you gain weight. One pound equals a whopping 3,500 calories, which is really a lot.

Tips for Indulging in Guilty Pleasures on the Weekend —Without Feeling Like Porky Pig:

  • Exercise. Burn off some of those calories that you’re going to stuff in your face later. Bam.
  • Get off to a Good Start. Just because you’re planning to eat lasagna and garlic bread for dinner doesn’t mean you have to turn your entire day into a raging fat party. Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch first to combat the calories you’ll be consuming at night.
  • Snack It Up. Eat a healthy snack a little while before heading out for a high-calorie dinner. This will help you to enjoy your indulgence, instead of binge eating it. You’ll also probably eat less, which is clearly a good thing, when face-to-face with fatty food.

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