Reduce Stress with a Relaxing Weekend Getaway

14 Feb

Chocolate-covered strawberries & champagne make a weekend getaway even more relaxing!

Weekends serve as a great stress reliever from the hectic workweek that many people endure. Saturdays and Sundays are the two days that most people take to relax and unwind from a long week. Although hanging out at home is great, sometimes planning a weekend getaway is just what you need to reduce stress and add a little excitement into your life!

This past weekend my boyfriend surprised me by booking a weekend getaway at the Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland. Although I’ve had an unhealthy obsession with Ritz-Carlton hotels for some time now, this is the first time I’ve actually gotten to stay at one! Cleveland is only about two and half hours from Pittsburgh, but neither of us had ever really visited before. It was so fun playing tourist for the weekend, and was a fun short break right in the middle of this boring winter season.

Talk about a stress reliever! This bathtub is the size of my bathroom at home.

Everything about our suite at the Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland was absolutely perfect! Staying in such a gorgeous, classy hotel served as an amazing short break from reality. The only problem is, after this high-class weekend getaway, I’m kind of insulted that my own bathroom is not white marble, a valet driver doesn’t pull my car to the front door for me, and no one arranges rose petals in a heart on my bed.  Kidding, kidding!

I expect to find this on my bed at home every night from now on.

A weekend getaway is a seriously great stress reliever.  Most of us don’t take week-long vacations more than a couple of times a year, so this short break really gives you something to look forward to. Playing tourist in an area close to home is also really fun, because you’ll definitely discover places that you didn’t even know existed! My boyfriend and I were fortunate enough to be able to retreat to a Ritz-Carlton, but obviously you can still have an amazing weekend getaway at a far less expensive place.


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