Best Home Workout Ever – POP Pilates Videos!

18 Feb

It’s no secret that I love a good cardio workout, but you have to do more than that to get all toned up! I tried yoga for awhile, but got bored with it, so I’ve been in the market for something new. I’ve always been curious about Pilates exercises, so I looked on YouTube to see if I could find a good at home workout. Which is how I discovered POP Pilates. I tried out some of the instructor, Cassey Ho’s videos, then stumbled upon her website, Blogilates.

And now, a few days later I’m completely addicted to these POP Pilates exercises! So far, my favorite video is the one posted above. I’m always looking for lower body workouts, and if the soreness I’m feeling is any indication of its effectiveness, this workout is completely awesome! Don’t get discouraged when trying to do it, especially if you have no prior experience with Pilates exercises (as in my case). I can’t do the moves perfectly (or even the entire way through yet), but I’m so excited about it, because getting good at these POP Pilates exercises is something to work towards!

It’s also great to have a home workout that feels even more effective than my precious cardio workouts. The other day I didn’t feel like trekking to the gym in the beautiful ‘February in Pittsburgh’ weather, so I just did a few of the POP Pilates videos at home. The next day I was SO sore, but we all know that you have to pay for the price of beauty, so I’m taking this as an indicator that those Pilates exercises really work!

I’ll keep you updated on my Pilates progress!


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