Avoid Sore Muscles By Easing Into a New Workout Plan

26 Feb

My name is Laura, and I’m addicted to my new Pilates workout. Think this sounds ridiculous? Tell that to my sore muscles who are barely functional due to my inability to stop over-exercising. Yowza!

I admit, there are an infinite number of things way worse than a Pilates workout to form an addiction to, but still, I need to get a grip! Everytime I find a new workout plan that I’m excited about, I end up over-exercising and leaving myself nearly incapacitated due to my sore muscles.

Sure, any new workout plan worth your time is going to give you sore muscles. Consider this a badge of honor. You challenged yourself to use new muscles, and the soreness is a sign that you gave yourself a good workout. Instead of responding to this by going nuts and over-exercising, take it slow.

Ease into your new workout plan at your own pace. Take a few days off in between workouts. You don’t have to stop working out completely, just don’t go headfirst into your sweet new workout plan at 100 mph. For example, instead of doing my new Pilates workout six times in the first week that I started, I should’ve done it two or three times. Oopsie.

Oh well, if you try a new workout plan and end up over exercising like I did, never fear, the muscle soreness will go away in a few days. In the meantime, go easy on the workouts and take a nice hot bubble bath.

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