An Accidental Pigout on Healthy Chips

28 Feb

It’s been quite awhile since I had a good snack food pigout. I’d like to think this is because I have a ton of self-control, but if I told you that, I’d be a big, fat liar. Really, I just stopped buying most snack items, because I know that having them in the house often leads to an after-work or late-night pigout.

The other day I made the mistake of buying an extra box of healthy chips at the grocery story, those delicious Special K cheddar ones. Mmm.  I had a coupon that demanded I buy two, in order to save money. I will fall for anything to save money, so of course I went for it, figuring I had enough willpower to handle the extra box in moderation. Well that turned out to be a joke!

My two boxes of healthy chips were safe in my kitchen cabinet for 24 hours. Then I got really, really hungry. I worked out, did a million things around the house, and put dinner off until I was so ravenously hungry that I could well… eat half a box of Special K cheddar chips. Oink oink baby. I swear, I had a nice, normal, healthy dinner, but you know how it is, when your hunger reaches a certain point, normal amounts of food won’t satisfy you. Yes, I was eating healthy chips, but even those have to be handled in moderation. To make it worse, I had my little pigout session, and then proceeded straight to bed. Oopsie.

I felt gross for my pigout session, but I’ll admit, I did feel slightly better that I was at least hungry when I did it, and not simply eating for sport. The next day I just watched what I ate extra closely, avoided the snack items in my cabinets like the plague, and vowed to divide my remaining boxes of healthy chips into portion sizes, to avoid another “incident.”

Moral of the story: The accidental pigout happens to everyone. As long as you shame yourself a little bit for hogging it up and recognize that you can’t exhibit this behavior too often, you’ll be fine. You can’t gain weight in one day, so stop worrying about it!


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