Working Out with My Mirrored Closet Doors

6 Mar

Working out in my "home gym" is convenient with my mirrored closet doors.

I own a house with mirrored closet doors…and I like them! Go ahead and judge me, I deserve it. When I first bought the house two years ago, I hated these mirrored closet doors so much that I wanted to rip them out with my own bare hands. At first I had big plans to replace them, but my renovation budget quickly dried up. Then I tried to do something artsy with them, but was quickly reminded that I have zero artistic talent. And now, two years later, I have finally learned to embrace my closet doors, because they actually do have a purpose — they’re awesome when I’m working out at home.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’ve recently become addicted to Pilates exercises. I have to do at least one or two Blogilates YouTube exercise videos each day, or I get really antsy. Yes, I realize that my addiction to doing Pilates exercises in front of my mirrored closet doors is weird, but whatever, there’s wayyy worse things I could become obsessed with.

Seriously though, as someone who has just started doing Pilates exercises, it’s really helpful to be able to do the workouts in front of a huge mirror, just like I would be at the gym or in a Pilates class. I can glance up at my closet doors every couple of seconds, just to make sure I’m in proper Pilates form. This isn’t just helpful for beginners either, my trusty closet doors could serve as a helpful guide to even the most advanced fitness ninjas.

I have mirrored closet doors in both bedrooms in my house, so I can workout in either room. So convenient! If my boyfriend is trying to get some work done in our office room, I can easily take my laptop and do my YouTube exercise videos in the other room. Whoever said mirrored closet doors are uncool is obviously just some fatty who doesn’t know how to use them properly!


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