Fitness Tips: Take a Power Walk on Your Lunch Break

8 Mar

A nice sunny day in Pittsburgh.

In Pittsburgh – especially in March – a warm, sunny day is rare. When a beautiful sunny day like yesterday does come along, you just have to get outside on your lunch break and enjoy it! Not only is this bound to lift your spirits and relieve some the tension from listening to office ladies whine all morning, it will also help you to burn calories.

Rousing yourself from your desk chair for a nice power walk around the city (if you don’t work in a walkable area, that’s your own problem) is a great addition to your current workout plans. Obviously swim suit season is right around the corner, so if you’re looking for easy ways to lose weight, or even simply weight management tips, this is it! While I certainly don’t suggest retiring your gym membership simply because you’re power strolling around the city on your lunch break, this serves as a great supplement to your workout plans.

How can you not go outside on your lunch break on such a gorgeous sunny day?

If you’re looking for serious fitness tips that you can incorporate into your lunch break, without working up a nasty case of  body odor (don’t be that person), plan out your route on Google  Maps before embarking on your journey. This way you’ll be able to plan out exactly how far you want to power walk. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Type the address of your office in box “A”
  2. Type the destination for your power walk in box “B”
  3. Click “Get Directions” to calculate the total distance of your power walk (don’t forget to multiply it by two, since you’ll eventually need to walk back to work. Darn!)

So use these sunny day fitness tips to de-stress on your lunch break, as easy ways to lose weight (in addition to eating healthy), or fit them into your workout plans for weight management. Whatever floats your boat.


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