Healthy Snack Recipes: Roasted Edamame

11 Mar

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for healthy snack recipes. Basically, I’m a giant pig at heart and I know if I don’t keep coming up with new and tasty healthy snack ideas, I’ll just binge eat like six servings of Cheddar Cheese Quakes, then convince myself it didn’t happen. I wouldn’t suggest this.

Anyways, early in the week I was trying to think of some healthy snack ideas to take to work, and I settled on edamame. Unfortunately the only snack-sized packs the grocery store had in stock were covered in Dora the Explorer. Whatever. If my co-workers haven’t caught on by now that I’m not normal, they never will.

If you're looking for healthy snack ideas, try edamame.

Anyways, I was really into the raw, cold edamame for about three days. Actually, although the edamame was really good, I was more into the fact that one package has 5 carbs, and next to no calories or fat. Visions of myself fitting into sample-sized dresses, and rocking a six-pack (of abs, obviously) on the beach were running through my head. Yes, edamame was going to change my life. So when I quickly got tired of naked edamame, I knew I had to find some healthy snack recipes, staring my new magic food. And fast.

Thankfully I found this very tasty healthy snack recipe, Easy Party Recipe: Roasted Edamame with Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper, from theKitchn. So good, and so easy! You hardly have to do anything, which is just my style in the kitchen. Anyways, I made this one night and took what my boyfriend and I didn’t eat to work the next day. As the recipe says, it’s not quite as crunchy the next day, but you really won’t notice that, because really, it’s just that good.

The finished product!


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