Your Local Walmart Store is Scary, but Offers Ways to Save Money on Healthy Food

13 Mar

Some name brand frozen foods are cheaper at your local Walmart store, it'll only cost you your dignity.

I avoid my local Walmart store like the plague. It’s gross. Well maybe that needs restated, the clientele shopping at my local Walmart store is gross. Last time I went in the store, about six months ago, I got asked out on a date in the produce section. There I was inspecting some tomatoes and some flaming weirdo walks up to me and just blurts out the enticing offer of going on a date with him. I mean c’mon dude, we’re not Amber or Gary from Teen Mom.

Anyways, last week I accidentally dropped a large bowl on the coffee pot, so I needed a new one ASAP. And apparently Walmart is the only store in town to get such a thing. So, as I’m constantly looking for ways to save money, I decided to buy some Walmart groceries, since I was forced to go there anyways.

Let’s face it healthy food isn’t cheap. If you’re trying to live on a diet of healthy eating (and of course you better be), there’s not always that many ways to save money. Apparently grocery stores understand the value of not being a fatty, and as a result that healthy food isn’t always cheap. This is where your local Walmart store can come in handy.

I usually go hog-wild on the couple of times a year I decide to brave my local Walmart store. I mean Walmart groceries are cheap, and when you’re looking for ways to save money, that’s super exciting. Unfortunately, that’s also a bit of a problem. I always end up leaving the store with way more Walmart groceries than I bargained for, which of course results in not saving any money at all. Just having a whole ton of extra food. Oink oink.

So this past week when I visited my local Walmart store, I decided to force myself to stick to my grocery list. No deviations just because I can’t handle myself around all of the cheap food. Here’s what I found:

  • Name brand healthy food such as Greek yogurt, low-fat string cheese, and low-fat peanut butter are not cheaper at Walmart.
  • Generic Walmart groceries are super cheap. It’s okay to buy some of them, such as tuna.
  • Walmart produce is wayyy cheap. Some of it’s good, some of it isn’t. Use your discretion. There’s also not much organic, if that’s your thing.
  • Random name brand healthy food items such as Skinny Cow ice cream and frozen veggie are actually a lot cheaper at Walmart.
  • Walmart doesn’t double coupons, but my local grocery store does, up to $1.00. Therefore it might be dumb to use coupons under $1.00 at Walmart, but brilliant to use those $1.00+ ones there.

Overall, I did save money buying my Walmart groceries. I think I probably saved about $15-20 from shopping there, instead of at my local grocery store. So, since I love finding ways to save money, it looks like I’ll be making trips to my local Walmart store more frequently than once every six months from now on.


One Response to “Your Local Walmart Store is Scary, but Offers Ways to Save Money on Healthy Food”

  1. Lauren March 13, 2012 at 8:39 am #

    Join Sam’s Club! Sam’s Club has bulk packages of Skinny Cow’s for half the price of what I would pay at GE (can’t remember the exact price..). Also, the fish at Sam’s Club is really good, and you can cut it up and freeze it individually to save a bundle 🙂

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