Easy Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

25 Mar

Over the past year I’ve realized that I’m a major carb monger.  I’ve always prided myself on eating healthy, but until I plugged everything I ate into the Daily Burn one day, I never particularly paid attention to the fact that I was completely over-carbing myself. Since coming upon this magic realization, I’ve traded a lot of the foods I used to eat for low-carb options. Except for breakfast.

I’m a morning robot — everyday I have plain oatmeal, mixed with low-fat peanut butter and cinnamon for breakfast. It’s amazing. So instead of looking for low-carb breakfast ideas, I simply decided to just eat less of this glorious oatmeal concoction in the morning. Less food equals less carbs, bam! Okay, this idea was brilliant until I realized that I’m starving an hour after breakfast each day, because I wasn’t eating a huge portion of oatmeal before I decided to cut back, it simply had too many carbs for my liking.

Since I refuse to get up early enough to cook a low-carb breakfast before work each day, I assumed that small amounts of oatmeal and mid-morning starvation was just how it had to be. Then I found this recipe for Clean Egg Muffins, from Blogilates. Brilliant! You can make enough of these cute little egg cupcakes on Sunday to last for the entire week. Put them in a container and carry them to work. Voila, just as easy as oatmeal, but with way less carbs!

Nothing this healthy has ever been inside a cupcake wrapper.

Mmm who knew a low-carb breakfast could be this good (or pretty)?!

Low-Carb Sides to Pair with Egg Muffins:

Eggs and toast go together like Donnie Wahlberg’s abs and baby oil, so it’s natural to pair them together, but that defeats the purpose of these low-carb egg muffins. Instead, choose one of these low-carb breakfast ideas to accompany your egg cupcakes:

  • Orange
  • Half a grapefruit
  • Berries
  • Turkey bacon
  • Cottage cheese

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