Healthy Snack Recipes: Roasted Chickpeas

3 Apr

Lately I’ve been venturing into my kitchen to try new healthy snack recipes so much that my oven is probably ready to go on strike. I have a one track mind, and my focus is currently set on getting in shape for my upcoming vacation. Yes, the vacation that I’m referencing is the one to San Francisco, where the average temperature in April is a nice and chilly 60 degrees. Whatever, don’t burst my idiotic bubble.

Anyways, my latest discovery is roasted chickpeas. If you’re constantly looking for healthy snack ideas like I am, you’ll thank be thanking me for this one later. These things are SO good! The best part about roasted chickpeas is that there’s like hundreds of different ways to make them — sweet, spicy, crispy, dry — you name it. If you’re craving a certain flavor, you can likely find many roasted chickpeas snack recipes to satisfy your desires.

Currently, my favorite roasted chickpeas recipe is this one, from Two Peas & Their Pod. So good! The only thing I did differently was substitute spray olive oil for canola oil, and Splenda for brown sugar (because I didn’t have any).

Mmm roasted chickpeas...

I’m not interested in making snack recipes unless they’re really, really easy. Thankfully making this roasted chickpeas recipe couldn’t possibly get much easier, which moves it even farther up the list of the best healthy snack ideas ever. Oh, and it’s also super cheap, even by my standards. A can of chickpeas costs $1.00 or less, and you can usually find the rest of the ingredients in your kitchen cabinet. Does it get any better?!

So, what’s your favorite flavor of roasted chickpeas? I’m always looking for new ways to make them, so if you’ve got a great recipe, do share!


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