Birthday’s Don’t Have to be a Fat Fest – Try This Healthy Angel Food Cake

16 Apr

Today is my boyfriend’s birthday — Happy Birthday Derek! Like any good girlfriend, I made him a birthday cake to celebrate. Although store-bought cakes are undeniably more attractive and taste better than anything that comes out of my kitchen, I still like to make them myself. I think it’s a nice gesture. I’m not going to lie, I also enjoy the fact that I can put all kinds of weirdo ingredients into my own concoctions, guaranteeing them to be nice and healthy(ish).

Much to my blissful surprise, Derek requested an angel food cake for his birthday, a.k.a. a fat-free cake. See, he’s trying to get in swimsuit shape for our upcoming trip to chilly San Francisco too.  Haha.

Until last year, I really, truly thought you could only get an angel food cake from a bakery. It had never registered in my tiny little brain that one could be made at home. Yes, I’m serious. So when my mom requested one for her birthday last year, and the bakery was sold out, I assumed there was no other option but to surrender and make something else. And after that episode, she promptly gave me an angel food cake pan and some cake mix to fill it with. .. Hint hint.

I don’t know if an angel food cake can be made from scratch or not, and frankly I don’t really care! I love to make easy cake recipes. Anyways, the more steps involved in making this angel food cake, the more likely I am to screw it up.

To make this angel food cake, just add water. Totally idiot proof!

Frosting is my favorite part of a cake. Actually, I’m not even that interested in the cake part, just the frosting! Although I’m a huge fan of store-bought frosting, I’m not really that into getting fat. Therefore I found an awesomelow-fat cream cheese frosting recipe from It is SO good! With only three ingredients, even I couldn’t mess this frosting recipe up! The only thing I did differently is to substitute fat-free cream cheese in for the 1/3 fat kind, and I only used 3/4 cup powdered sugar, but that’s because I’m a freak. Obviously you don’t need to do that.

What a beauty... if I do say so myself. And I do.

Yes, I'm aware that it kind of looks like a Christmas wreath. Oops.

I added strawberries on top of this delicious angel food cake both to make it look pretty and to give it some nutritional value.

So if you’re looking for healthy, easy cake recipes this is it. I mean if all you have to do is make an angel food cake from a box, whip up a quick low-fat icing recipe, and decorate the cake with fruit, there’s no excuse not to make it on your own!


2 Responses to “Birthday’s Don’t Have to be a Fat Fest – Try This Healthy Angel Food Cake”

  1. Lauren April 16, 2012 at 8:56 am #

    Looks delicious!

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