Working Out with an “Uncomfortable” Pulled Muscle

19 Apr

One thing you don’t necessarily plan for when working out is being faced with a pulled muscle in your arse. Try explaining that one. If you’ve ever experienced a pulled muscle in an “uncomfortable” area, then you’ll understand how I feel.

As someone who is always working out and does not enjoy stretching (it bores me), I’m used to having sore muscles. I’m not exactly sure when or how this particular pulled muscle incident occurred, but I do know that it hurts! My first clue that I may had given myself a pulled muscle was when I literally kept experiencing a pain in the a*s while trotting along in heels this past weekend. Pretty soon I discovered that this pain in the a*s would continue to follow me when sitting on hard surfaces such as bar stools, walking (not just in heels), and of course while working out. Ouch!

That’s right, a normal person might have taken a few days off from working out after giving themselves a pulled muscle in the arse, but not this idiot! I refused to alter my workout plan at all to accommodate for my arse injury, so in the two days following my pulled muscle discovery I kept up with my normal Pilates and cardio routines.

Admittedly, working out with a pulled muscle really didn’t hurt that much, for some beautiful reason that I cannot explain. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have been able to be such a ninja and tough it out like I did.

Moral of the Story:

Unless you’re on Dancing with the Stars or training to win an Olympic gold medal, it’s stupid to insist upon working out with a pulled muscle. Don’t follow my lead on this one. If you pull a muscle in your arse (or anywhere else), take a few days off from your workout plan and rest up. Your sore muscles will thank you.

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