Back in the Saddle: A Weekday Morning Trip to My Gym

23 Apr

I’m an extremely anal retentive and impatient person. My inability to procrastinate pretty much anything can be superbly annoying. When I decide that something, anything, needs to be done, it must be completed immediately!

This “get ‘er done” mentality is what provoked my triumphant return to working out in the morning, a weekday morning that is. Okay, well actually it only happened one time. I have yet to make a habit of it again. And well, to be honest, the only reason I was able to motivate myself to get up and take a trip to my gym bright and early, was because I was working from home that day. It’s pretty easy to fit working out in the morning into my schedule when I don’t actually have to waste time commuting to my job or primping to look acceptable in public.

Anyways, my little morning tryst with my gym was a fantastic reminder of how great it is to get working out done with bright and early on a weekday! It’s a really great feeling of satisfaction to know that although the clock hasn’t yet struck 8am, I already have my 45 minutes of cardio in for the day.

It was also interesting to see the weekday morning crew at my gym, as morning gym go-ers are a remarkably different species. Here’s some of my observations:

  • Sanitation Standards: Before I could even mount my elliptical, I witnessed a middle-aged woman escorting an employee back to the ladies locker room, ranting about how something in there could be “contagious.” Yum. On the plus side, this woman was clearly freaked out, which means that someone at my gym does actually care about its sub-par sanitation standards.
  • Quickie Workouts: My morning workout consisted of 45 minutes on the elliptical. During this time I had three different neighbors. This doesn’t happen with the intense nighttime crowd, as people commonly stay on the machines until they’re sweaty enough to slide off. Therefore working out in the morning is awesome, because I get to be the elliptical champion (if this distinction exists in my mind, it’s real)!
  • Prime Parking: My gym is located in a shopping center that used to have a lot of parking, until some genius decided to build stores on top of all of those glorious spaces. At night finding parking is so difficult that a friend of mine actually gave up and left the other day. Apparently it is actually possible to find parking within a mile of my gym, you just have to get there at 7am. Who knew?!

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