How to Deal with Stress (Like a Sane Person)

26 Apr

Unwind from a stressful day with a nice, warm bubble bath.

There’s no way around it, stress sucks! Whether you’re trying to figure out how to deal with stress caused by your boss (who has horns and carries a pitchfork), late mortgage payments, or a huge fight with your best friend, it’s definitely no fun.

A lot of people think managing stress involves eating greasy, sugary, unhealthy foods and yelling at people. If this is how you find stress relief, then congratulations — you’re a big, fat meanie (quite literally)!

There are many healthy ways to find stress relief that don’t involve getting fat or being mean. Managing stress in a positive way can help you to stay calm, cool, and relaxed — even when life throws a few really sour lemons your way.

How to Deal with Stress in a Positive Way:

  • Workout Like a Manic: When I’m in need of some stress relief, I’ve found the best way to channel my aggression is to take it out on a cardio machine. Typically I’m not much of a runner, but when I’m super stressed, spending a little time on the treadmill is crazy therapeutic! Not only am I able to clear my head during a mega workout, I also feel great about all the calories I just burned when I’m finished. Double win!
  • Take a Bubble Bath: Dim the lights, get a good book, and relax in a sea of nice, warm bubbles. Afterall, there’s few things in life more calming than a bubble bath.
  • Do Something Nice: Typically the last thing you want to do when you’re super agitated and annoyed is to be pleasant to anyone or anything that crosses your path. Surprisingly though, doing something nice for someone else can really help with managing stress levels.  I’ve found that when I’m cranky, I instantly feel better after complimenting someone. For bonus points, try to genuinely mean it when you express this flattering remark.
  • Distract Yourself: Find stress relief by entertaining yourself with something that you actually like. Read a book, watch your favorite television show, plant some herbs in your garden, or whatever else floats your boat. Doing something that makes you happy is bound to help you feel better.
  • Take a Walk: Sometimes people can be really annoying (and some people are just always annoying), so that’s why sometimes it’s best to go for a walk to clear your head when you’re feeling stressed. Temporarily removing yourself from the situation will help you to calm down and gain a little prospective (read: keep you from behaving like a crazy person).

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