Learn How to Avoid the Germiest Areas of an Airplane

10 May

When you book airline flights, you  can choose many different options, but unfortunately you don’t have a choice as to who you sit near, or of course who sat in the seat before you. People can be really, really gross. Especially when you have to sit pretty still in super close quarters, for sometimes many hours.

When my boyfriend and I travel, I always get the middle seat, because he’s a giant and obviously needs the aisle seat to stretch his legs out a bit. Sometimes I get lucky and a nice quiet, clean smelling individual, who has no desire to talk to me sits in the window set next to me. Other times I’m not as lucky and the person laughs hyenia-style at movies they’re watching on their laptop, smells like they have a dirty diaper (an adult), or kind of freaks me out because they’re intermitently whispering to themselves. Anyways, while some people really aren’t gross, others are foul. And you never know what you’re going to get when you book airline flights.

Although I pull weird stunts like wrapping  my Louie Vuitton bag in it’s dust cover before putting it on the floor of an airplane, I never put too much thought into germ prevention while flying. Instead, most of my focus is typically directed on my anonymous seat mate. That is until I read this story from Budget Travel, explaining all the seemingly unassuming places, such as the seat pocket, that are totally gross and germy on an airplane. Eww! Check the story out before you head off on your next adventure, so you can avoid getting all germed up on the plane.


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