A Healthy Weekend Dinner Date

14 May

Many of us don’t have much of a problem sticking to a low-fat diet during the week, but often times those healthy eating habits go out the window on the weekends. Between Friday happy hours, a dinner date on Saturday, and family cookouts on Sundays, it can be easy to negate all of the effort that we put into healthy eating during the week.

The countdown is on until my boyfriend and I take off on our next vacation, (seven weeks and one day to be exact), since I know you’re wondering. This time, we’ll be spending much of our trip in swimsuits, as we’re staying in a beachside hotel in Laguna Beach, California for half of our vaction, then heading up the coast for some more time on a beach resort in Santa Barbara, and ending our vacation in Beverly Hills. So clearly we need to look good!

When trying to decide where to go for our Friday dinner date, my boyfriend brought up the good point that we already had plans to eat out on Saturday and Sunday, so maybe we should just stay in and make dinner together. Not only is healthy eating a lot easier at home, it’s also cheaper!

So our Friday night dinner date began with a trip to the grocery store to get the ingredients for our healthy dinner. We bought fish for my boyfriend to grill, veggies, fresh stuffed mushrooms, and sweet potatoes. Yum!

Mmm grilled zucchini, one of my favorites!

Homemade sweet potato french fries, really the only kind that should be legal.

Nothing says ‘hot dinner date’ like some yummy steamed broccoli!

Wine calories don’t count.


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