Getting in Bikini Shape for My Southern California Vacation

17 May

Hollywood won’t let you inside it’s city limits if you’re not in bikini shape. Okay, that might be a lie, but still…

As you all know, because I never stop talking about it, my boyfriend and I recently booked a Southern California vacation for early July. Yay! Although I absolutely cannot wait to make my triumphant return to the most gorgeous place on earth (okay, at least in this country), I’m grateful that we still have a while so I have time to get in bikini shape.

The agenda of our Southern California vacation not only involves time spent in the homeland of some of the most beautiful people on earth — Orange County, Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills — we’re also going to be staying at beachside hotels for two-thirds of our trip. This is awesome both due to the obvious, we’re fortunate enough to get to stay right on the Pacific Ocean and because it gives me turbo motivation to get in bikini shape! If you’ve ever seen any MTV or BRAVO reality show, you’ll understand that starting a beach body workout immediately is an absolute necessity, as people in these places don’t look like your average Ocean City, Maryland tourist. Yes, I’m vain and I don’t want people to look at me and know I’m from Pittsburgh. Is that so bad?

Can’t get enough of Laguna Beach!

When I set my mind on something, I’m like a possessed demon, so obviously I’ve quickly become completely infatuated with my beach body workout. I’m lucky to have the goal of getting in bikini shape for a Southern California vacation to motivate me, but if your summer plans more closely resemble traveling to a kiddie pool in your driveway instead of a trip to the beach, don’t worry, you still need to look good! Vanity is important no matter where you go. Clearly.

I’ve been creating my beach body workout as I go, mainly combining Blogilates awesome Pilates moves with elements of the Self Drop 10 Workout Challenge. The latter has some really, really great ideas for cardio intervals that I’ve been doing, in addition to some lovely toning moves. I know I can’t stick to one specific diet and exercise routine, so that’s why I just pick and choose the workouts that I want to do, when I want to do them. My goal is to do cardio five days a week and toning exercises four days, so hopefully I can stick to that!

Who else is trying to get in bikini shape before summertime? Going anywhere special on vacation?


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