Healthy Snack Ideas for Vacation

24 May

Save your calories for a classy brunch at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

When you’re on vacation, you don’t have the luxury of heading off to a fully stocked refrigerator (a mini bar doesn’t count) or pantry to fetch healthy, easy snacks. As a result, starving vacationers often go padding down the hall to the vending machine for a fat-packed candy bar or head to the hotel gift shop for a $7 bag of travel sized chips. Not wise my friends, not wise. Not only are you making yourself fat by eating dumb snacks, you’re also making yourself broke by spending too much on them!

When I go on vacation I always pack tons of healthy, easy snacks for my boyfriend and I. These come in handy while in transit, to satisfy that afternoon hunger pang and as a late-night snack. Coming up with healthy snack ideas that don’t need to be refrigerated and can handle being abused in a bag for days can be a challenge, but it’s definitely doable.

I’m a big fan of sampling the local cuisine while on vacation and not forcing myself to stick to my normal diet, but fatty snacks are not cultural. There’s no need to waste calories on Ho-Ho’s and Funyons, when they can be better spent on fresh crab cakes and authentic Mexican food. Priorities people, priorities.

It should be illegal to eat junk food on the beach.

Ten Healthy Snack Ideas for Vacation

1)      Emerald 100 Calorie packs of almonds

2)      Granola bars

3)      Apples

4)      Pop Chips

5)      Kashi protein bars

6)      Oranges or grapefruit (save these for your hotel room)

7)      Rice cakes

8)      Snack-sized packs of tuna and crackers (again, save this one for your hotel room)

9)      Cut fresh fruit (buy it at a grocery store when you get to your destination)

10)   Greek Yogurt (clearly only advisable if your hotel room has a refrigerator)


Looking for more healthy snack ideas? Check out these tips from fitness expert and healthy living blogger SarahFit.


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