Bad Reasons to Break Your Workout Plans

31 May

Many people are under the false assumption that fitness freaks are always full of workout motivation. People commonly believe that it’s acceptable to break their workout plans, simply because they’re not in the mood to bust a move that day. If this is your personal mantra, prepare to start marching to a new tune, because you my friend are behaving like a great big fatty!

Sure, everyone breaks their workout plans for terribly unacceptable reasons sometimes, and that’s okay, but if you make this a habit you’ll only get yourself into a pattern that leaves you looking like a giant farm animal.

Unacceptable Reasons for Breaking Your Workout Plans:

  •          Taking a nap
  •          Watching a “really important” television show
  •          Simply not being ‘in the mood’
  •          Inclement weather (except for roads truly unsafe to drive on)
  •          To eat junk food in your sweatpants

Trust me, as much as I love the feeling of satisfaction after a good workout, getting up early to head to the gym or making myself exercise after a long day at work isn’t usually something I’m super excited to do. Thankfully, since I typically force myself to stick to my workout plans, taking the easy way out and skipping the gym is usually something that doesn’t even cross my mind.

When you’re in need of some workout motivation, think of everything you did today. Consider how small of an amount of time you’ll spend working out, compared with all the other activities that made up your day. A short little 30, 45, or even a 60 minute workout is definitely one of the smaller parts of your day, but offers much greater benefits than most anything else you’ll do all day. Total win!

So picture yourself looking at a scale that reads 10 lbs lighter, looking awesome in your new bikini, or fitting into those jeans in your closet that haven’t zipped in five years next time you’re thinking of breaking those workout plans!


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