How to Handle a Setback on the Scale When You’re Trying to Lose Weight

7 Jun

It’s no secret that I’ve been trying to get in shape for my upcoming vacation to Southern California. The countdown is on — I have approximately 26 days to lose weight and tone up, so I can inappropriately prance around the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Woo hoo!

While I’m quite proud of the dedication I’ve demonstrated towards my ‘Bikini Body 2012’ campaign, when I stepped on the scale and weighed 0.4 pounds MORE than last week, I was not pleased. Clearly 0.4 pounds is nothing in the big picture, but when you’re trying to lose weight it’s super discouraging when the number on the scale is the same as it was the week before, much less a little bit more!

Thankfully I still have nearly a month left in my ‘Bikini Body 2012’ campaign, so this is only a minor setback. That’s right, although it would certainly be easier to get discouraged and give up my quest to get in shape for the beach, fatty failure is not an option. Everyone hits a stumbling block now and then when trying to lose weight, but what you choose to do about it separates the fatties from the super studs. Don’t be a fatty!

Donnie Wahlberg’s abs are the wind beneath my wings.

So You’re Trying to Lose Weight, but End Up Gaining It Instead. What Next?

1. Analyze Your Eating Habits. I was a ravenous, hungry animal last week. Since I’m not one to starve myself, I definitely ate more than usual each day. Hence, the slight weight gain. To combat this little issue, I made sure to buy a more veggies for dinner this week and some fruit for snacks, so I would stop snacking inappropriately.

I also realized at the end of the week that I was “accidentally” eating dessert twice per evening as well. Oopsie! My boyfriend and I always have a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich after dinner. Last week I requested fruit smoothies and he lovingly obliged. Clearly we needed to have both each night. Oink oink! For some reason I chose to block the fact that smoothies have milk, frozen yogurt or some other form of calories that would eventually catch up with me out of my mind. You’ll be proud to hear that we have now downgraded back down to one dessert per evening.

2. Amp Up Your Workout. My bikini body workout consists of doing cardio five days a week, and mixing in Pilates videos and other toning exercises. Honestly, I think this workout is more than enough to lose weight and tone up, but I’ve decided to amp it up a bit until I lose a pound or two. So I switched it up to doing cardio six days a week, along with my Pilates videos and toning exercises.

3. Enjoy Your Progress. I might not be losing weight like crazy, but all this ultra healthy eating and exercising like crazy feels great! I can feel myself get in shape a little more each day when I see my workout progress. I can run faster than I could a month ago, I feel more flexible and last night I swear I felt a newly toned muscle in my leg!


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