Looking for Easy Dessert Recipes? Try Fruit Kabobs!

21 Jun

Summer has finally arrived! It’s officially acceptable to prance around in shorts, tank tops, swim suits and any other clothing that leaves little to the imagination (to a degree, of course). Summertime also means barbeques, pool parties and lots of good picnic food! While there’s certainly nothing wrong with indulging in warm weather delicacies, it’s important to keep yourself in check, and making healthy desserts is a great way to do this.

Easy dessert recipes are a must in the summer, because really, who wants to be stuck in the kitchen when it’s hot and sunny outside? Not me! This past weekend my boyfriend and I had my parents over for Father’s Day dinner and I made these lovely fruit kabobs.

Easy dessert recipes don’t really get any simpler than fruit kabobs.

When it comes to healthy desserts, fruit kabobs are the best! And not just because they top the list of easy dessert recipes either. Fruit kabobs are awesome because:

  • They’re fat-proof. If you only put fruit on them, they’re one of the best healthy desserts out there, as they’re guaranteed to both taste good and not add a spare tire to your midriff.
  • It’s really fun to spear the fruit with a stick.
  • The possibilities are endless as you can use any type and combination of fruit you wish.
  • As the king of easy dessert recipes, you’d have to be a complete moron to mess them up.
  • You don’t have to turn your oven on when it’s 90 degrees outside (unthinkable if you don’t have air conditioning).

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