Working Out Like a Champion During a Heat Wave

25 Jun

Working out in a heat wave is a true survival of the fittest.

Working out after a long day at the office, or before you’ve had your morning coffee, can be a challenge, but voluntarily overexerting yourself during a heat wave can seem like downright torture. That’s right working out during a heat wave separates the real fitness aficionados from the couch potatoes at heart.

As with most things in life, as long as you practice common sense when working out during a heat wave, it’s a perfectly safe practice. In Pittsburgh, where I live, 90 degree days are a rarity, but some beautiful, exotic places get to partake in this weather year-round. And I’m sure people living in a tropical paradise don’t refrain from exercising simply because it’s hot out.

Tips for Working Out Wisely During a Heat Wave:

  • Confine your workouts to your gym or any other indoor air-conditioned spot.
  • If you absolutely must exercise outside, go early in the morning or later in the evening hours.
  • Don’t leave home without your water bottle.
  • Keep it short, sweet, and efficient.
  • Stop if you don’t feel well.

Although you should never slack on your fitness routine, if you really think about it, working out during a heat wave is much more sensible than doing so during a snow storm. Summer was created to strut around in swim suits, tank tops, shorts, dresses, and mini-skirts, a.k.a. showing off all your hard work at the gym. While I certainly do not advocate a winter fitness slack down, unless you’re doing snow angels in a bikini, the general public won’t notice your lackluster approach to fitness nearly as much.


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