Using Fresh Fruit to Make Low-Calorie Snacks

2 Jul

Mmm gotta love a healthy strawberry smoothie!

It’s summertime and there’s a plentiful amount of cheap, beautiful, fresh fruit everywhere. While this is undeniably wonderful and amazing, if you’re like me, you probably don’t really know what to do with it, besides piercing it with a stick and making fruit kabobs. Fresh fruit makes for great low-calorie snacks in its natural state, but sometimes that alone can be a bore, so you need to jazz it up a bit. If you think I’m about to suggest making a pie or some other form of fatty, non low-calorie snacks with your fresh fruit, you’ve gone nuts. Instead, think more along the lines of a strawberry smoothie (or any other kind of fresh fruit).

My boyfriend recently started using our fresh fruit to make smoothies for us at night, and they are so so good! He makes an incredible strawberry smoothie, but also commonly adds other types of fresh fruit too, including blueberries, kiwi and bananas. We both have a total sweet tooth and smoothies make for great low-calorie snacks to satisfy that craving.

Ingredients to Make a Strawberry Smoothie (or any other kind of fresh fruit):

  • Fresh fruit* (obviously)
  • Fat-free frozen or regular yogurt
  • Milk
  • Ice

Simply put these ingredients in your blender, blend, and voila you have a delicious healthy dessert! Tasty low-calorie snacks are the best as you can actually enjoy them and you don’t have to feel like a big fatty pants afterwards.

*You can also use frozen fruit, but don’t do that until wintertime when fresh fruit is super expensive.


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