Stupid Weight Loss Tips Decoded

5 Jul

It’s no secret that losing weight isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would have rock hard beach bodies! Obviously. In an effort to avoid eating healthy and exercising, many people try out stupid weight loss tips in a sad attempt to shed those pounds with very minimal effort.

I decided to take one for the team and try out some of the stupidest weight loss tips I could find, to see once and for all if they magically made losing weight easy. Here’s what I found:

    • Drink One Large or (Two Small) Glasses of Water Before Eating. I dutifully drank one large glass of ice water before lunch and dinner to test this genius method of losing weight, by filling my stomach with water instead of food. Clearly drinking a lot of water is going to fill your stomach up for a bit, but it did not keep me full until my next meal (or really even until I was done eating that one). Strike one.


Oranges are a fantastic component of a healthy diet, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know it’s just as filling regardless of when you peel it.

    • Peel an Orange Before Lunch. Ironically I’ve been bringing an orange to lunch everyday for awhile now, as part of my healthy diet, so this was probably the absolute easiest of all weight loss tips for me to follow. If the magic that was supposed to occur by peeling an orange at my desk, instead of doing so the night before and putting it in my trusty Tupperware container, was having a sticky desk that smells like oranges, then mission accomplished. However, that has nothing to do with losing weight. If anything, peeling the orange on the spot actually made me hungrier instead of curbing my appetite. Strike two.
    • Drink a Glass of Hot Tea After Eating.While I’m not really a raging fan of hot tea, I was definitely willing to become a tea addict if drinking it meant losing weight. I made a nice, hot cup of tea after dinner one night in hopes that it would keep me from evening snacking. No such luck. The tea was good, but it did nothing to satisfy my appetite. Strike three.

Wow, that sure looks filling.

  • Eat Portions No Larger Than Your Hand.Perhaps this rule would make sense when eating something super fatty, but if you’re following a healthy diet this weight loss tip is just plain stupid. I mean really, am I supposed to eat a hand-sized salad? Perhaps a hand-sized omelet? Or maybe a handful of oatmeal? Strike four.

Moral of the Story: There’s nothing like the good old method of following a healthy diet and exercising regularly when you’re working on losing weight. Eating hand-sized portions of food and chugging massive portions of water will not help this process. Sorry to burst your bubble if you were counting on these stupid weight loss tips to fit into last year’s bikini.


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