Enjoy a Sunny Day with a Midday Workout Routine

9 Jul

A nice lunch time walk by the river on a sunny day is pretty relaxing.

I love a good sunny day, but really who doesn’t? It’s July, it’s magically warm outside, and even Pittsburgh is averaging more than one sunny day a week right now! As someone who gets depressed on cloudy days (a.k.a. the majority of the time in Pittsburgh) and refuses to take unnecessary trips outside when the temperature drops below about 60 degrees, I’m all about making the most of this glorious weather.

In addition to my usual workout routine, I’ve been taking about two-mile long walks in different areas of the city at lunchtime everyday. I’m kind of like Forrest Gump, but I walk instead of running. It’s a great way to get out and enjoy a nice sunny day, and burn a few extra calories while I’m at it. Also, I typically experience a major afternoon lack of energy, but having a nice little lunchtime workout routine really helps me to overcome my case of midday lethargy.

One day I walked a mile to the Strip District and bought fresh produce. Carrying two bags of groceries a mile in 85 degree weather wasn’t the most intelligent thing I’ve ever done…

Reasons to Take a Lunchtime Stroll on a Sunny Day:

  • Relaxation. Getting up from your desk and getting in motion will get your mind off stress at the office.
  • Burn Extra Calories. I wouldn’t suggest surrendering your normal workout routine for lunchtime power walking, but it is definitely a fantastic enhancement.
  • Boost Energy. I know I’m not the only weirdo struggling to stay awake at 3pm, because of a lack of energy in the afternoon. Removing your arse from your desk chair and getting your blood moving will help you to prevail over the dreaded afternoon slump.

Sometimes you see people making sand art when walking through downtown Pittsburgh.


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