Why a Lack of Sleep Can Plump You Up

12 Jul

Create a relaxing environment to avoid being victimized by lack of sleep.

No one enjoys suffering from lack of sleep. In fact, no one really enjoys even being around someone who is suffering from a lack of sleep. Not getting enough rest can make you cranky, irritable, unproductive, and can even cause weight gain. Yuck!

If you don’t believe me that a lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, consult  Self Magazine. According to them, enduring just two consecutive sleepless nights can mess your metabolism up, by stimulating hunger and lowering levels of hormones that tell you to stop eating. Self Magazine also states that  lack of sleep leads to insulin resistance, which interferes with the way that your metabolism processes fat, leading to weight gain.

So, does anyone else feel like this explains their behavior spot on when suffering from lack of sleep? Although I typically prefer healthy foods to well err anything else, when I’m tired I often crave super fatty things. I’m glad to see there’s an actual scientific reason to support my disinterest in healthy foods when I’m tired. But still, scientific reasoning or not, a lack of sleep is not a good excuse to host your own personal fat fest.

Tips to Avoid Weight Gain From Lack of Sleep:

  • Stock your cabinets with only healthy foods. If the junk food isn’t there, you can’t binge eat it.
  • Relax an hour before bedtime. Turn off the tv, pull yourself away from Facebook and take a bubble bath with a good book to unwind.
  • Think before you eat. When you eat something that doesn’t fit into the “healthy foods” category, you know you’re being naughty! Instead of impulsively grabbing a bag of Doritos off the shelf and shoving them in your face, take a moment to think about how this decision will impact your ability to fit into your pants. Then promptly remove the bag from your piggy little paws.

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