Making a Vacation Workout Plan That Works for You

16 Jul

During the normal days of my life, I have no trouble keeping up with my workout routine. In fact, I typically enjoy it! Things tend to change a bit when I’m on vacation though. Although I know I need to keep up with some type of workout schedule in order to not feel like a big fat big pig. It’s hard to motivate myself when I’m on vacation to somewhere really cool and I’d rather be out exploring the area (and eating everything in sight). Since I already know my track record with actually visiting hotel gyms, I decided to come up with a workout plan that I might actually follow before heading off on my most recent vacation to beautiful Southern California.

My usual workout routine involves frequent trips to the gym and doing toning exercise videos that I find on YouTube. I knew that trying to keep up with this workout schedule on vacation wasn’t going to happen, (and it didn’t). Thankfully my boyfriend and I came up with a workout plan before we left home that helped us to burn some calories while enjoying the local scenery.

My vacation workout plan involved morning jogs on Laguna Beach. There’s no way any sane person could complain about that!

We spent a few days of our vacation in the most beautiful place in the world (or at least in North America), Laguna Beach, California. We got up early and went for a jog on the beach a couple of the days we were there. Not only did this make us feel better the rest of the day, we also got to run along the Pacific Ocean and take in the gorgeous sites!

Doing planks in my hotel room was an easy addition to my vacation workout routine. It only took a few minutes and made me feel great!

I had really good intentions of bringing my yoga mat with me, so I would be guilted into doing some toning moves in our hotel room, but that didn’t happen. Obviously I HAD to bring six pairs of shoes, five dresses, and three swimsuits, so my yoga mat didn’t make the final cut into my giant suitcase. Priorities people! Anyways, I found that a bath towel is a fantastic replacement for a yoga mat, when that’s all you’ve got. As long as it protects you from the grody hotel floor, that’s all that really matters, right?

Moral of the Story: Don’t try to make yourself keep up with your normal workout routine when you’re on vacation. This is your time to relax and enjoy being away from home! If you stick to a regular workout schedule when you’re at home, you probably will want to do something while you’re on vacation, because you’ll feel gross after days of doing nothing. That’s why it’s important to create a vacation workout plan that’s fun, so you won’t mind doing it!


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