Tips for Healthy Eating On-the-Go

26 Jul

If healthy living was easy, we’d live in world full of gorgeous, toned, tanned supermodels — but it isn’t and we don’t. Eating healthy and working out take dedication, willpower, and proper planning. That’s right, you won’t lose weight by couch surfing and eating boxes of Ho-Ho’s , you actually have to work at it!

Tips for Healthy Living On-the-Go:

  • Stock Up on Low-Fat Frozen Foods: It’s inevitable, some days you’re going to be too tired/too busy/too whatever to make dinner. Instead of hitting up your local take-out spot, open your freezer to find some guilt-free low-fat fare.

Easy isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes having low-fat frozen foods stocked up in your freezer can save you from your inner fatty.

  • Make Lunch the Night Before: You may have every intention of eating healthy at lunchtime tomorrow (in fact, I trust that you do), but when your alarm starts blaring at 6:30am and you’re left to choose between making lunch and getting a few extra minutes of sleep, the latter wins every time.
  • Schedule Workouts in Advance: Make a plan for what days you’re going to workout at the beginning of each week, to avoid getting sidetracked into “no gym land.” If you schedule certain days of the week for workouts, you have a much better chance of holding yourself accountable to actually complete them. Healthy living requires discipline, but it’s so worth it!
  • Prep Your Fridge on Weekends: Head to the store on the weekends, stock up on fresh fruits and veggies,and  get them all chopped up and ready to eat. Trust me, cutting a cucumber might not seem like torture when you have some free time, but after a long day at work, the last thing you’re going to want to do is more work (in the kitchen). When you make eating healthy convenient, it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice.


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