Add These Cute Workout Clothes Into Your Workout Plans

30 Jul

Have you been watching the Olympic games? Stupid question! Of course you have. My favorite station to watch at the gym, BRAVO, has been showing the Olympic games non-stop, instead of Real Housewives re-runs, so I’m proud to say I’m really I’m the spirit of welllll… being a citizen of the world, and watching the best athletes in the world duke it out.

Not only are these athletes competing in the Olympic games super way talented, they also have stellar workout clothes. This sort of makes me feel a bit bad that I’m still using a t-shirt from my college roommate’s high school years (I got my undergrad six years ago) and my eighth grade gym shorts (great investment mom!) as my workout clothes. So, perhaps it’s time for me to enter 2012 and buy some new workout clothes, maybe?

I decided to do some preliminary browsing for new workout clothes online, just to see what’s out there, and I found some really cute things! Whew knew, apparently some people, besides those competing in the Olympic games, do have a bit of shame and actually buy cute workout clothes for the gym?!? Perhaps I will hop on this train…

Cute Workout Clothes (and Accessories) I Found While Online Window Shopping:

  • Jillian Michaels Collection by K-Swiss Women’s Racer Tank (comes in lots of colors!)

  • Jillian Michaels Collection by K-Swiss Women’s Favorite Capri (comes in lots of colors!)

  • Under Armour Heatgear Women’s UA Victory Tank Top

  • YogaColors Raglan Pullover

  • New Balance Women’s Racerback Printed Top

  • MJ Soffe Neon Workout Shorts

  • Under Armour Rib Tank

  • Gaiam Metro Gym Bag- Chai Yoga Mat Bag

  • Gaiam Printed Yoga Mat (Damask)

  • ASICS Women’s Hyper-Rocketgirl SP Running Shoe

What do you think? Should I buy any of these? Will you buy any of these?


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