Tips to Combat Post Summer Vacation Blues

6 Aug

I spent the last two days of my summer vacation at the Beverly Hilton. Waking up at home in the “tropical paradise” of Pittsburgh the next day wasn’t exactly a thrilling moment.

I love to travel. Whether it’s weekend getaways to a big city or a summer vacation to a tropical paradise, I’m there! I love checking out new places for the first time, and re-visiting old favorites. The only problem is the part where our summer vacation or one of our frequent weekend getaways ends, and then we have to go home. They say there’s “no place like home,” and as I live in Pittsburgh, I’m thankful this statement appears to be correct…

As I’m fortunate enough to get to travel multiple times per year, I’ve had to develop a few coping mechanisms to deal with my ever-present case of post-vacation blues. If you also “suffer” from a case of “I’m-not-happy-to-be-home” after weekend getaways to fabulous big cities or a summer vacation to an amazing tropical paradise, try these tips to beat the blues:

Ideas to Combat Post-Vacation Depression:

  • Make Play Dates: Immediately following your triumphant return to your hometown schedule a lady date, a guys’ night, a double date, or a visit to mom and dad’s – whatever makes you happy, as that is the goal of this exercise.
  • Visit Your Favorite Hometown Spot: Whether it’s a cute little cafe that serves amazing coffee, your favorite place to get a salad, or the bar where “everybody knows your name” a nice reminder of something you actually like about being home is sure to lift your spirits.
  • Enjoy Not Having to Live Out of a Suitcase: Regardless of my deep love for not being in Pittsburgh, I’m always happen to return to my closet, where lots of neatly unwrinkled clothes are always at my beck and call.
  • Plan Another Vacation: This is by far the most obvious solution, one that I try my best to always practice. Even if you can’t afford to book your next flight out-of-town immediately, it doesn’t cost anything to start planning your next trip. Get ideas, save your money up, and keep your eyes peeled for a great deal!

Trips to NYC are one of my favorite weekend getaways! The only bad part about them is eventually the weekend ends and I have to go home. Boo!


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