Counting Calories? Try These Five Easy Tips

20 Aug

Whether or not you’re counting calories lemons are delicious!

Five Easy Tips to Eat Less Calories Per Day

Counting calories? Try these tips to eat less calories per day without even realizing it:

  • Dump the Olive OilTwo tbsp. of olive oil contain 14 grams of fat and 120 calories. Can you say yowza?! Much like cheese, olive oil is a fantastically fatty food that can sneak up on you pretty easily and cause you to gain weight. Yes, it’s good, but do you really want to spend your life in elastic pants because you can’t stop getting pour happy with the olive oil? No, you don’t. When cooking, use spray olive oil to grease your pan, which will keep it slick without costing you precious calories. Season your food with Balsamic vinegar (zero grams of fat and 20 calories, per two tbsp.) or lemon (one lemon without the skin has just 17 calories) instead. If my argument isn’t enough, consider this, the New York Post reported earlier this year that even celeb chef Giada De Laurentiis abstains from olive oil to stay thin.
  • Dip Your Dressing: When most people get a salad, the first thing they do is drench it with salad dressing until there’s so much Ranch covering the bowl it looks like it was left outside in a snowstorm. That defeats the purpose of eating a salad my friends. Instead, put your salad dressing (preferably a fat-free or light version) in a small cup or bowl and dip the pieces in there with your fork. Trust me, you’ll eat less dressing, which will save you tons of empty calories!
  • Ditch the Mayo: It’s no secret that mayonnaise is a creamy fat trap, so stop eating it already! Women’s Health suggests swapping mustard for mayonnaise on your sandwich to save 80 calories per tablespoon. That’s huge!
  • Lighten Up Your Fancy Coffee: Discovering Starbucks lattes my freshman year of college was amazing, finding out a few weeks later that they had calories was not. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a fancy coffee drink once a week or so, but when you do so, order it with skim milk to save yourself some major calories. For example, a grande latte with whole milk has 290 calories, while the same with skim milk has just 130 calories. Remember though, a grande cup of black coffee has just five calories, so this should be your default go-to drink for the six days a week you don’t splurge.
  • Cheese SwapEveryone loves cheese because pretty much no matter what kind you choose, it’s going to be amazing. Of course, as with most delicious foods, it tastes so good because it’s so bad! If you’re trying to eat less calories per day, but still want your cheese fix, swap your standard fatty shredded cheese for the fat-free version. It’s delicious and I hardly notice a difference!

Fat-free cheese is your best friend when you’re counting calories.


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