Delicious Healthy Taco Salad

27 Aug

 Healthy taco salad is so good it’s easy to forget about its fatty twin.

Traditional taco salad is anything but healthy. Situated in a giant edible “bowl” a.k.a. a fried fat bomb, lettuce and veggies are suffocated under massive piles of shredded cheese, sour cream, ground beef, and salad dressing. For example, Taco Bell’s Fiesta Taco Salad with beef packs in 720 calories and 35 grams of fat. Eww! It should be illegal to even call this a salad, because it is not. Thankfully I decided to believe in the concept of the taco salad. I knew there had to be a way to make it actually be a legit, healthy salad, without losing its Mexican flair. This my friends is how my healthy taco salad was born.

I’m always trying to come up with cheap recipes, because well I’m really cheap. If I’m going to spend a lot of money on food, it’s going to be on something at a snazzy restaurant that I don’t have to make, not on groceries for dinner at chez couch. Not only is my healthy taco salad legitimately low-fat, it has also earned the number one spot on my go-to list of cheap recipes, for when I’m feeling extra thrifty.

How to Make Healthy Taco Salad


You’re intelligent people, and most of you likely cook better than I do, so I’m not going to waste your time by explaining how to craft these ingredients into a salad. For the most part, use as much of the ingredients as you feel is necessary to fill you up, unless otherwise noted. Use the salsa in place of salad dressing. It has like five calories and zero grams of fat per serving, and it’s delicious!


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