Watch Out For These Awkward Moments at the Gym

3 Sep

Working out is fantastic, but sometimes the gym is filled with awkward moments. And lots of them! You never know what weirdo situation is going to interject itself into your workout plans, so it’s best to be prepared for anything before you hit the gym.

Read this list of potentially awkward moments that can happen at the gym, so you’ll be prepared if one walks into your workout plans:

Awkward Moments at the Gym

The Creeper: Once upon a time I was drowsily getting my stairstepper on during a 5am workout when a tiny little man with big boy confidence approached me. In two minutes or less he speedily made his way from introduction to date proposition, all while not bothering to notice that my interest in the conversation was so low I hadn’t even cared to slow my stairstepping pace down. The days at the gym following this chat were very awkward as you couldn’t have paid me to actually go on this date. After a few uncomfortable days of avoidance, he finally just stopped coming to the gym in the morning. Problem solved!

Solution: If you ignore the creeper it, it will eventually find new prey to annoy.

The Blast from the Past: I only live about 30 minutes from my parent’s house, so it’s fairly common for me to see people I went to high school with at my gym. The last thing I want to do is have a high school reunion while I’m working out, especially given that I typically fail to wear makeup to the gym and often can be found still prancing around in my eighth grade gym shorts.

Solution: Hide! Either I’ve never been spotted or my old acquaintances are playing the same game right back at me, because I’ve been able to dodge all of these awkward moments so far.

Why can’t they put up a sign like when nudes are roaming around the locker room?

The Locker Room Nudist: I will never understand why the grand finale of some people’s workout plans involves walking around and/or sitting naked in the locker room. Perhaps they’re comfortable airing themselves out to dry, but no one else is down with their exhibitionism. In an even more bizarre twist, the most common offenders of this evil doing are typically large senior citizens. Not that it matters, locker room nudes are gross, regardless of the shapes and sizes they come in.

Solution: If you spot a naked person loitering near your locker, cover your eyes, grab your bag, and RUN! Oh and make sure not to touch anything… EWW!

The Co-worker: This situation isn’t as offensive as it is awkward, especially with co-workers of the opposite sex. You’re at the gym, all sweaty, rocking out to NKOTB, then you look up and realize that dude from the accounting group is running next to you on the treadmill. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just one of those awkward moments that you’re not particularly into, but you can’t describe what exactly bothers you so much about it.

Solution: Say hi, or better yet, give a polite nod of the head, then don’t acknowledge him (or her) again. He probably wants to avoid you as much as you want to avoid him.

The “Shadow”: Personally, I don’t have experience with this situation, but I’ve heard so many stories like this, I had to include it. You’re probably only familiar with the “shadow” if you work out at lunchtime and a co-worker follows you to the gym, or if you have a roommate that wants to double as your workout BFF. You get the point, whenever you go to the gym, your “shadow” is right by your side and is REALLY SUPER EXCITED TO BE WORKING OUT WITH YOU!!

Solution: As I’ve never had to endure this one, I have no idea how you should solve it. You’re on your own for this one!


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