Tips for Staying Fit While Wedding Planning

17 Sep
My fiancee proposed in style at the Waldorf Astoria Chicago.

My fiancee proposed in style at the Waldorf Astoria Chicago.

A few weeks ago my long-time boyfriend proposed to me while we were on a Labor Day weekend getaway to Chicago. Yay! Of course, being the crazed lunatic that I am, my wedding planning began months ago. So when we announced to our family and friends that we’re having a winter wedding, as in this coming winter, I found this completely normal, while the general reaction is (insert gaping jaw), you mean you’re getting married in four months?!?!

Getting engaged is really fun!  My friends and family have been taking us out for lunch, dinner, drinks — you name it to congratulate us and discuss our (very) upcoming wedding plans. Who wouldn’t love that?! I can tell you who doesn’t love that, my pants. Though I consider myself a connoisseur of eating healthy, it’s difficult to focus on that when I’m having so much fun celebrating.

It’s okay to toast to wedding planning fun, encouraged actually, just don’t do it everyday.

I’m learning quickly that wedding planning can turn into a giant fat fest, if I don’t keep myself in check. This is kind of ironic given that your wedding is probably the most important event of your life to be in shape for… Seriously though, my wedding planning activities during the next week involve a tasting for the reception, backed up by another tasting for wedding cupcakes. It’s like being in a movie and having a skinny little angel whisper in one ear, “Watch it fatty, you have a wedding dress to fit into in less than four months,” and a fat little devil whispering sweet nothings in the other ear to the tune of, “Eat, eat, eat!!”

Tips for Staying Fit While Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is fun! You should let yourself enjoy all the things that go along with it — including the fatty parts like tastings for wedding cupcakes and reception dinners, parties celebrating YOU AND YOUR FIANCE, wedding shower cake, and etc. Eating healthy and exercising hard between your high-calorie wedding activities will provide you with the balance needed to enjoy wedding planning and look super hot on your wedding day. Follow these ideas to help you stay on track:

  • Opt for Healthy Food: Sometimes eating healthy isn’t possible. For example, next week we have a tasting for our wedding cupcakes and as I much as I wish this was possible, there’s no way I can mentally will those delightful little nuggets to have the nutritional value of a strawberry. Oh well. As long as you continue eating healthy the majority of the time, a few slips off the wedding diet wagon won’t plump up your waistline.
  • Make Exercise a Priority: I hate waking up early on weekday mornings to workout, so I typically don’t even try to make myself. However, with wedding planning duties and whatnot, my evenings have been booking up like crazy, often leaving no time for a post-workday date with the gym. Therefore I’m tapping into my deepest source of willpower and forcing myself to schlep out of bed at 5:30am, all for the good of not looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy at my upcoming winter wedding.
  • Get Your Wedding Dress Early. In the true spirit of being a lunatic, it took me about four days from getting engaged to having my wedding dress shipped to my house. No official comment here, but I may have chosen this delightful little number months ago. As unusual as this method may be, knowing that my beautiful wedding dress already hanging at my parents’ house is a great motivator to not get fat, and have to trade my delightful frock in for a white moo moo.


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