Battling for the Treadmill — Dealing with an Overcrowded Gym

24 Sep

It’s no secret that new year’s resolutioners flood gyms across the country each January, making it impossible to get a treadmill until March when they give up the charade and return to their couches. We’ve all come to accept this as the norm. What I refuse to deem acceptable is going to a gym that is permanently overcrowded, because it’s the only normal fitness center in the area and management refuses to cap membership at manageable levels.

Normal gyms are typically not too crowded during the summertime, as many people opt for outdoor exercise. Not the case with mine…

Population Crisis! You Know Your Gym is Overcrowded When…

  • You have to wait in line for ten minutes to use the exercise bike. Read not the treadmill, the EXERCISE BIKE?!?
  • It’s packed at 5am on a Wednesday morning in June.
  • Also, packed at 7pm on warm, sunny evening in August.
  • You have to open ten unlocked lockers before finding an unoccupied on to put your coat in.
  • The parking lot is so packed that you can see your house from the spot you finally find approximately one mile from the gym.

While I understand that a fitness center is a business, and more members equals more money, it’s also important to keep current customers happy. When your gym is more crowded than a NYC subway at rush hour, it’s not just annoying for the members, it’s also rough on the machines. An overcrowded gym means overused equipment that breaks a lot. I can’t tell you how many machines are always broken at my gym — the fan doesn’t work on one treadmill, but the tv doesn’t work on the one next to it, and the sound doesn’t work too well on one on the other side, when you plug your headphones in — how annoying!

My gym (a certain national chain named after a city I would love to live in) is more definitely a huge offender of the overcrowding offense, but it is by far not the only one breaking the rule. Sound familiar anyone?


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