Why is Eating Healthy at a Stadium So Impossible?

1 Oct

What would be so wrong about watching the game while eating Greek yogurt or an apple?

I get it. A lot of people want to go to a baseball game and stuff themselves with hot dogs, nachos, and beer. Fine, if that’s what you’re into then have at it. But what about those of us who don’t want to be forced into an evening of overpriced, low-quality, gluttony?

For the sake of fairness, I believe some stadiums do offer healthy options to entice those of us not interested in climbing onto the fat wagon, but I live in Pittsburgh and here eating healthy not an option. The “healthiest” item on the menu at our stadiums is opting to get your soft pretzel without salt. And then people say to you (insert shocked face) “OHMYGASH HOW ARE YINZ EATING THAT WITHOUT SALT?!?!”

Is it too much to ask for a salad and some fresh fruit to be added to the menu? I’d be much more interested in going to a baseball game if I didn’t have to bust out my elastic waist pants for the evening.

Doesn’t anyone realize the irony of stadium food? We sit on our arses stuffing ourselves with liquid cheese and low-grade meat while watching a bunch of fit, well-paid athletes scamper around the field. Do you think they go home and see how many hot dogs they can shove in their mouths without throwing up? I think not.

I understand that mass producing salads and Greek yogurt would be much more difficult than pouring nacho cheese into a plastic tray, so I’d even be willing to pay more to have the option of eating healthy at a stadium. Not that a $6 hot dog is a particularly reasonable price, but desperate times call for desperate measures.


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