Working Out While Sick — Brilliant or Stupid?

8 Oct

I don’t have tons of talents in life, but one of my proudest is the fact that I rarely get sick. I brag about my “immune system of steel,” like some people boast about their ability to run a seven minute mile or eat 4,000 calories a day, while maintaining a perfect size two body. Weird yes, but whatever floats my boat, right?

Well last weakened the unthinkable happened — I woke up Sunday morning with an actual cold!?! I was not pleased. My annoyance was partially of course due to the fact that having a cold doesn’t feel too well, but mainly due to my bruised ego! This might hurt my reputation. Okay, truth be told no one else on the planet is actually tracking whether or not I make it through the season without a cold, but allow me to humor myself.

A box of tissues doesn’t make a great workout accessory.

Another huge issue I was faced with was the dilemma of whether or not working out while sick was a good idea. Although I didn’t feel great, I was motivated and there was no stopping me! My fiancée and I ended up going for a job around our neighborhood. It was a bit rough, especially as it was lightly raining at the beginning of our adventure (yes, brilliant idea to hang out in the rain when you have a cold), but felt fantastic when we were finished.

The next day I woke up annoyed to find that my cold had stuck around for another day. I went about my day, only to decide by evening that I was going to have to sit that night out from the gym. I was gross — runny nose, coughing a bit, glassy-eyed — and it would have been a crime for me to be touching exercise machines that other people use. I operate on the rule that working out while sick at the gym is okay, as long as you don’t have a fever and can go about your workout without coughing or blowing your nose. Remember, you’re touching exercise machines that other people use and it’s not polite to use them as a tissue.

Obviously, you shouldn’t take medical advice from me, as I’m a writer, not a doctor. Instead read CNN’s “Signs You’re Too Sick to Workout,” to decide if you’re in the clear to exercise out or not.


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